Why do you need a CX Implementation Toolkit?

Our CX implementation toolkit is a structured modular approach to:

  1. Assess your organisation’s CX maturity
  2. Identify focus areas to become more customer centric
  3. Decide quickly on the necessary actions and resources required, based on the holistic impact
  4. Implement the actions 3-4 faster and in a more agile way than without this toolkit

What are the benefits of using CX Implementation Toolkit?

CX Strategy and Organisational adoption and accountability are 2 of the 6 critical CX competencies that are arguably also the least developed ones globally. CX Implementation Toolkit is a perfect instrument to advance these competencies. It is also proven to be exceptionally effective at the times when agile decision making is key, such as the COVID19 crisis management.

7 benefits you will achieve:

  • Sponsorship and investment for your CX initiatives
  • Clarity over CX strategy, CX priorities and ROI
  • Improved collaboration
  • Tangible and speedy results for your projects
  • Quick decision making
  • Agile project management
  • Skills to lead without authority


What is the CX Implementation Toolkit?

We will:

  • Lead an online session to assess your needs and agree actions
  • Provide a collection of relevant templates for your projects, actions, communication, etc.
  • Project manage the implementation through daily ‘stand up’ meetings, weekly reviews and on-demand support
  • Provide customer experience advice and consulting

All of our services are provided remotely (unless we agree otherwise), which keeps it flexible and cost-effective for you